FRequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I write for the Review if I am not a University of Virginia undergraduate student?
  • A: Because the Review predominantly seeks to highlight UVa undergraduate political writing, we are currently not allowing anyone other than University of Virginia undergraduates to serve on the staff of the Review. However, all individuals are welcome to submit guest articles to the Review at their leisure, which may be published on the website.


  • Q: What if I am currently enrolled in an accelerated Master's program, but am still taking undergraduate courses?
  • A: Please contact us directly and we will address those situations on a case-by-case basis.


  • Q: Can I write for other publications and also write for the Review?
  • A: Because one of the main goals of the Review is to serve as a conduit for student voices and perspectives on politics, we do not believe in preventing our writers from expressing their opinions in other publications. However, other publications may have policies preventing their own members from writing for the Review. In particular, the Cavalier Daily has made it clear that their members cannot be involved with both organizations. Please note that potential applicants from such organizations must make a choice between their organizations, or speak to their respective editors at other publications.


  • Q: Can I submit an article to the Review that's already been published somewhere else?
  • A: If the article in question was written and adapted from either a class taken at the University, or a post on a private blog or website, you may submit it for re-publication with the Review. If the article has already been published in another, publicly-facing periodical, please contact us to clarify the circumstances of its publication. Those decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.